Hi hi!! Thank you for showing interest in teaming up with Book Babe Designs for wholesale! Since this is my first time diving into the world of wholesale, I have decided to start with small items/a couple of designs and work my way up to larger items as we go.


I am only offering wholesale to storefront shops. Unfortunately I am not offering wholesale items to other online bookish shops, including Etsy sellers. While online bookish shops are dear to my heart, please understand as of right now i want to offer wholesale opportunities exclusively to storefront businesses. However, I am open to selling wholesale to subscription boxes! If you have any questions or want more clarification regarding this matter please email me at the email below. Thank you for your understanding and support!

I am excited to share that I will be offering bookish seasonal postcard and bookmarks that will be perfect for the upcoming holidays! If it all goes well, I will add more designs and other items!

Please email me at with your shop name and any other questions that you have about the process. It is important that you only utilize this email for wholesale matters, as it is a different email from my main Book Babe Designs shop email.

I will get back to you within as soon as possible with the available items and their wholesale pricing. Thank you so much for your patience and support as I gather all of the details for our partnership!


Breanna Juarez

Book Babe Designs