Please know iron on patches react differently to all materials. These work amazing on mostly all fabric types (although adhere best to cotton products) and can be put in the washer. Please refer to your garments label to see info. Since all washer and dryers are different, I recommend always using cold water and a lower dry setting, and always turn the item inside out. 

Things to prepare: 

-Towel or (cotton) cloth to put over patch so iron does not burn it. I used a pillowcase, but use a light color because dark colors will transfer onto the light patches. 


-Flat surface


Lay the clean garment on flat surface.


Turn iron on. Ensure steam is off with no water in the iron. Switch to cotton setting. (Typically the higher temperature)


Place the patch (design facing up) onto garment where you want it to be. Place a towel or cotton cloth over the patch area.


Apply pressure with he iron in circular motions for 1-3 minutes. It best adheres if you are keeping contact pressure for around 2-3 minutes. Focus on the edges of the patch too. Allow patch to cool.


Flip the garment inside-out and apply iron directly to garment onto the area of the patch to help adhere. Allow patch to cool.


Check that patch has adhered completely, if not, repeat earlier steps if necessary.

NOTE: again, all patches can be different depending on garment. You can always hand sew it on the edges after ironing to ensure it staying on!