Order Questions

After I place an order, how long until I will receive my package?

Processing times vary depending on how many orders I have. It will take anywhere from 2-4 weeks for me to package orders. I will try and get them done quicker than that, but please know it is just me. Once shipped out, its out of my hands and depends on the carriers time. You can read more about this on my Orders & Shipping page.

If it is a PREORDER, please see the turnaround time that is on that specific preorder listing, as it can change.

Also, with current COVID-19 restrictions, this can affect shipping times.

Do you combine multiple orders so I can save on shipping?

I know during launches it can get crazy and things go out of stock quickly. I unfortunately DO NOT combine packages for shipping. I have tried doing this before and it was a MESS and I cant add any more stress on top of packaging.

Can I cancel my order?

Please contact me if you need to cancel your order as soon as possible. If your order has already shipped I cannot cancel it. Preorders cannot be cancelled since they are made to order.

Can I exchange a product I purchased?

I have more information on my Shipping & Orders page. But, I only except exchanges on apparel for a different size. PLEASE keep in mind, some of my products tend to sell out quickly. I cannot guarantee I will have stock for you to exchange. Make sure you carefully check the sizing chart to make sure you dont run into this problem.

Do you accept returns/refunds?

Please go and check out my Orders & Shipping page located in the main menu or at the bottom of my website. It has all the information regarding this.

When I add items to my cart, can they sell out or are they reserved?

They are not safe once they are in your cart. So please be aware that if items are in your cart, and you have not checked out, they can still sell out! Im sorry!

I was checking out and the item sold out?

Im so sorry this happened babe. Sometimes my items sell out very quickly. I dont have control on how quickly it sells either or have any type of reserved cart.

How do I know the material and washing instructions for the apparel I purchased?

I will have all the information for each apparel piece on the product description. Some of the pieces have different cotton percentages and ways to wash. So please look on the description to see the details for each.

How do I care for the jewelry?

To extend the life of plated pieces, remove jewelry when sleeping, exercising, or doing other physically strenuous activities, as prolonged contact with sweat will cause the plating to wear away faster.

In addition, avoid contact with perfumes, water, body oils, and other chemicals, including household cleaners. Never use chemical jewelry cleaners as these will wear away at the plating and do more harm than good.

I accidentally broke my necklace, what do I do?

First, PLEASE be careful with any jewelry piece. All jewelry is delicate and with the detail in my pieces it makes it even more.

If you break your necklace, please inspect it and see if its fixable. Alot of times something may have co

me loose and you just need to bend the jump ring back. Sometimes you can even add a small jump ring to the necklace if it fell off. Please inspect before contacting me. If you need help figuring out how to maybe fix it, contact me and I will be happy to help!

Unfortunately, unless the necklace is damaged in shipping, or if it broke right away within the first week, I will not accept returns or refunds. Again, please contact me.

I have a problem with my order, can you help?

Please reach out immediately if you have a problem with your order! You can contact me at Please include photos so I can see what has happened.

Im not satisfied with the quality of my order?

If you are not satisfied with the quality of your order, please reach out immediately. I never want someone to be disappointed in the items they have purchased. I will make it right. I can send a return label for you to return the items and offer a refund.

I was refunded and my funds havent shown up?

If I gave you a refund, please be aware it can take a couple days for the refund to show up on your bank statement or card. If its longer than 5 business days, please contact me.

I accidentally entered the wrong shipping address, and my order hasn't shipped?

Please make sure before ordering you carefully check to make sure the address is correct. If you notice after you placed your order the shipping address is wrong, contact me immediately so I can fix it!

I used Shop Pay Installments on an order, what can you tell me about this?

I am so glad you were able to use this option! It's a great option to split up costs and can make it a bit easier on some. By using this, you are using it at your own risk on making those payments. I am not responsible for any late payments. If you have any problems you will need to directly contact the Shop Pay/Affirm company.

Shipping Questions

Do you ship international?

BABE. Of course! I get many international orders. Please know that I do not set the shipping prices. They are DUMB high, but it calculates directly from the carrier depending where you live and size/weight of package. 

EU and UK online or Etsy?

I used to offer EU and UK orders through Etsy, but I am no longer using Etsy. I will only be using this website to take orders. 

Because EU and UK is difficult to ship too with all the new regulations, I cannot take orders from EU and UK addresses, BUT BUT BUT I know alot of people who are in the EU & UK will use international forwarding centers to be able to purchase through US shops. One I know of is PLEASE do your own research on how it works and if its a good fit for you. I am NOT affiliated with stackry, nor am I responsible for anything they do. So again, research it on your own and decide!

International: Do I have to pay import and tax fees or do you?

If you are an international customer, please be aware you may be subject to import and tax fees upon arrival of your package into your country. I do not pay these. You are in charge of paying these, im sorry! 

My order says it was delivered but its not here?

Please make sure to keep an eye on your packages once they have shipped! I know sometimes packages can say they are delivered and take an extra day or two to show up. If you think something is wrong please contact your local carrier post office first, then contact me. 

My order has shipped but I noticed the shipping address is wrong?

If you receive the notification that your order has shipped but the shipping address is wrong, please email me immediately. I am NOT liable for lost packages if the shipping address was entered incorrectly. If the package is returned to me, you will have to pay the shipping cost for me to send it back to you. This will delay your package because most items that get returned to me go into a pile and are on the back of my to do list. 

I think my package was stolen what do I do?

Im so sorry if this has happened! I unfortunately cant reimburse any packages that were stolen. You need to contact your local carrier post office to see what you can do next for the theft.

Part or all of my order was damaged in shipping, what do I do?

First off, I am incredibly sorry. Once its out of my hands, its up to the shipping carriers to take care of it. Sometimes packages can be damaged. If this has happened please take photos and contact me.

Other Questions

Why are you always sold out?

Im sorry babe! I unfortunately can only carry so much inventory. This is because of the cost it takes to get the inventory, and also how much I can physically do by myself. It is only me working this business, so I have to limit myself to what I can take on.

Why dont you keep items in shop all the time?

I would LOVE TOO. But alot of shops use drop shipping as an option where another business makes AND ships your order for you. I do not have this (yet) and so it adds alot of extra time. So I only add as much product I know I can handle. When I do add items, they tend to sell out quickly. Yay for me, but I know its frustrating for you.

The item I wanted says sold out? Do you restock?

Im sorry the item sold out! I cant guarantee that I will restock the item. I restock items that I know most of my customers want me to restock. Stay connected with my instagram page because I will ask my followers often what they want to see again. You can also contact me through my contact page letting me know which item you would like to see restocked.

I have some requests and ideas for you to have in your shop?

Throw them at me babe! I always love to know what items customers are wanting. Please know if you do send me an idea or suggestion, I am fully able to use it in my shop. In no way will you be compensated with money or anything else by giving me this suggestion.

Do you ever take on influencers/reps?

I have before in the past! I loved it and had a great team. If I ever decide to add some reps for my shop, I will announce on instagram!

Will you design a tattoo for me?

I unfortunately dont do any custom designs or tattoo work. I am way too busy at the moment!

Do you collaborate with other shops?

I have done some collars in the past! I dont always agree just because of my hectic schedule so it all depends on that. Please contact me if you have any ideas or ways you want to collaborate though!

Do you offer wholesale?

I unfortunately dont offer wholesale right now. BUT, this does not mean I wont ever. Please contact me and if its something I think I can handle, I will let you know.